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Recommended for Freelancers, Professionals, Early stage startups Mid to Large size companies Enterprises with custom requirements
Core features
Inbound sales Embeddable Flomill widget
Outbound sales Personal booking pages
SAML based sign-on
2 way calendar integration
Create automated workflows
Client self-scheduling
Multiple deployment modes Popup, full screen overlay, left and right popovers and inline
Automated Notifications
Local time zone management Automatic time zone conversion for clients
Location based segmentation
Sync your calendars in realtime
Mobile friendly widgets
Users No of users in the account Single Unlimited Unlimited
Scheduler Widgets No. of schedulers you can create. Offer multiple services Single Unlimited Unlimited
Websites No. of websites you can deploy the widget on Single Unlimited Unlimited
Calendars No. of calendar schedules that can be connected on one account Single Multiple Multiple
FloForms Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited
Leads Monthly leads quota 200 20000 Unlimited
Meetings Monthly routed leads quota 40 4000 Unlimited
Qualifications Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited
Widget views No. of times a deployed widget is loaded 20000 Unlimited Unlimited
Fields per form Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited
Lead email verification -
Download reports Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited
Sales Optimizations, Routing and Qualification
Team Management Add teams and manage permissions for your team -
Qualification workflows Based on endless custom AND-OR relations
Location based qualification
Email standards based qualification verified email, business email etc -
Real-time lead qualification
Round robin assignment
Route based on custom fields Coming Soon -
Real-time lead routing
Instant routing based assignment
Lead to service matching
Assign to account owner
Maximize efficiency Optimize your availability for maximum appointments and fewer gaps
Distributed teams Multiple time zones for your different staff/locations
Spam rules for better efficiency
Branding and Customizations
Whitelabel Remove Flomill branding -
Branding copy Customize Flomill widgets and pages to match your brand theme
Sales decks Add your company/service presentation pdf or video to your booking and confirmation pages
Customize your booking link
Custom confirmation redirect Flomill Custom Custom
Help Center Access
Email Support -
Dedicated Account Manager -
Onboarding and implementation -
Productivity guidance -

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. What is flomill?

We make your inbound leads sales ready.

Conventionally businesses follow up at least thrice before getting a sales meeting and even then there is close to a 60% drop off from the people who actually signed up to the ones who took the meeting.

Also, when a prospect requests a demo on your website, they are at the peak of their interest level and ready to have a conversation and book. However, the call back time from sales teams usually is 1-2 days which results in them moving on to other solutions.

We help you plug that gap and take your signups to book sales meetings by themselves thus improving initial intent and later sales conversion. 80% increase in qualified calls/demos, 50 man hours saved per salesperson in managing and following up for sales calls, 3x ROI.

We do that by providing an inbound online scheduler that easily integrates with your current web form. Once a prospect submits a form, they can book a time through a simple scheduler, and we qualify and route the lead to your sales team instantly.

Q. How do I install widget and Call to Action buttons on my website?

You can go to the widget or buttons page, customize the look you prefer on your website and simply copy the code in the block. Then you can put that code in the header or footer section of your website and it will start displaying. Now easily capture the leads and route them to your sales team. Isn’t it easy!

Q. What is the difference between free and paid plans?

The Free version allows you to install the widget or Call to Action (CTA) buttons on your website. After a visitor comes to your website and submit their details in the form, our routing engine will match them with a sales person and schedule a call. You will receive a notification confirming that.

The key upgrade in the paid plan is qualification of leads basis the rules set by you (or your admin). Only the leads that qualify as per the rules, will be nudged to setup a call while the rest will be added to the general queue which can be responded to once the sales team has no priority calls scheduled.

What it means is that your sales team focuses on the leads that have a higher chance of converting, leading to 3x productivity improvement in many cases.

Along with this, the paid plan also allows for a wide range of customizable features - for more details, check out our pricing page.

Q. How do you know my availability?

Based on your Calendar Availability and the working hours you would have updated in your account with us.

Q. How do you ensure I get a minimum number of calls everyday?

The minimum number of calls you get depends on the leads your website gets. It may fluctuate on a daily basis but will be similar to the number of calls your teammates would be getting through us.

Q. Will I be scheduled outside working hours?

No, we respect the working hours you have updated.

Q. How do you route the leads?

If you are on a paid plan, then your admin can define advanced routing rules based on company size, revenue, industry, region among other options.

The default routing is based on the "intelligent round robin" method. What it means is that we route a call to the team member with the fewest number of calls for a given time period.

Q. How do I set my schedule?

You can set your schedule in google calendar. Some of the commonly used scheduling is

1. Regular Working Hours : This is the most commonly used logic. Simply set the office timings as your availability and you are done.

2. Extended Working Hours : If you are one of those rockstars who also work on weekends, simply select Saturday and Sunday in your schedule.

3. Dedicated Working Hours : This is meant for those users who want to keep certain days longer for calls and shorter on other days. For example: You can keep Monday 9am to 5pm but keep available from 10 am to 1 pm on Tuesday and so on.

Q. Can I use my current video or audio calling solution, including office phones?

Yes, of course! We only integrate our scheduler with your system and let you follow your current process with minimum changes.

Q. How does round robin work?

We have built an "Intelligent round robin" which picks up the sales person with the least amount of calls within a time period and allot the latest meeting to that person.

Q. What happens when a call is scheduled?

When a prospective user books a call and is mapped to a sales person, he/she gets a notification about the same and the meeting is added to their calendar automatically.

Q. Can a user ask for an immediate call?

Yes, we understand that when a user is going through your website, it is an optimum time for them to convert. We, therefore, let you do that. The call will be routed to the available salesperson and let the user continue the conversation.

Q. How do I contact support?

Simply reach us out at and we shall get back to you in no time.

Q. How to stop making google calendar add video call links automatically?

Google calendar settings, by default, adds a google meet video link to your calendar invitations. This is confusing for your users if you are using another video conferencing tool for your meeting.

You can disable this by doing below:
1. Sign into your google admin console.
2. Go to calendar settings.
3. Click sharing settings.
4. Under video calls, uncheck automatically add video calls to events created by a user.

Q. Can I use my existing website forms?

Yes we understand that you have done a lot of research in getting your form right. And we would not want to change that. We, therefore, support integrations with your existing website forms.

We do not offer this in our free plan. Please refer to our paid plan to enable this in your account.

Q. What if I miss a call?

It is never a good thing to miss a client call. But we understand that it can happen sometimes. Simply head to your meeting slot and update from your google calendar. Do not forget to opt to “send” updated invite to your client.

Q. Do you support global calling?

Yes. We help you schedule sales calls. We allow integrations with video calling solutions as well as give you an option to update a calendar invite link in the meeting link or just call the lead from your office / cell number as convenient.