We're changing the way sales teams schedule meetings - Scheduling made easy.

Mission and Vision

Our core fundamental is to automate scheduling for you so that you save on the important time that would otherwise be spent manually to be used for actually doing sales or something more important. Not just this, we also help you with managing your entire sales process on Flomill from leadgen, booking, scheduling, cancellations, communication, team management and much more.

Our vision is to make Flomill your personal assistant working for you 24*7 filtering prospects, booking meetings and filling your calendar and thus giving you more time to focus on sales. Whats more is that you can customize your whole process to your needs like creating custom workflows, lead qualification, routing, branding and much more at the click of a button. All you need to do is be there on time !

So reinvent your revenue processes and customer lifecycles with Flomill today and gain new levels of productivity.

Problem today

Conventionally businesses follow up at least thrice before getting a sales meeting and even then there is close to a 60% drop off from the people who actually signed up to the ones who took the meeting.

Problem today
Our Solution

Our Solution

Flomill helps you plug that gap and take your signups to book sales meetings by themselves thus improving initial intent and later sales conversion. Not just this, we help you save a lot of man hours doing that.

The Result

  40% increase in qualified calls and demos
  50 working hours saved per salesperson
  100% Automated and accurate
  2x ROI and half the cost
* Based on a 3 month long internal validation before launching

Our Story

Flomill was cofounded by Pankaj Agarwal - an Internet Entrepreneur of 15 years, previously founded well known companies like Hellotravel, IGP and Sajal Agarwal - a keen Product strategist of 10 years and a 2x entrepreneur. In their previous collaboration they built one of India's largest holiday marketplace where they faced a common problem that leads generated did not always end up taking the sales call and approx 50 crucial man hours per salesperson were wasted in that effort. When spoken to other companies, it was found that the problem was much bigger and a very valid one, so with a shared vision of finding a solution to the same, they founded Flomill in 2020.

Not just this, they kept building, gathering feedback and iterating before officially launching it in 2021. And it was not before long, the simple idea of improving sales meeting conversions developed into a cloud based full stack sales automation tool with scheduling as the fundamental driver.

Our Amazing Team

Pankaj Agrawal
Pankaj Agarwal, Cofounder and CEO

A true Entrepreneur with an acute acumen for new startups. Avid listener of Old Songs. Traveler by nature. Love to explore new territories.

Sajal Agarwal
Sajal Agarwal, Cofounder, Products

A Product strategist of 10 years and a 2x entrepreneur. Once an armed forces aspirant now helps innovative businesses build customer friendly products.

MV Krishnan
MV Krishnan,
Strategy and Finance

An active angel investor with over 17 years of experience across banking, asset management and client origination